We offer lease services of diesel electric generators of 27, 50, 100 and 250 kVA. The units are equipped with remote control, automatic control and are in a soundproof housing.
They can work as a standalone source of el. energy or a backup system in the event of an outage. There is a possibility of delivery to the site/location and long-term lease. We operate all over Croatia.

Also, in cooperation with our partners, we offer diesel power units of higher power on request

Supply and Delivery

Whether it is a basement space, a freestanding aggregate station or the top of a building, our team and trusted subcontractors will perform the placement of the aggregate. Depending on the space, the installation and positioning of the aggregate plant is done by a car crane, truck with a crane or manually.


Delivery of electric generators is ensured by our partner  EK-Energija Rijeka.

Supply and Delivery