EL-STROJ d.o.o. has been operating continuously since 1991. The company is engaged in the engineering of all types of power units, including the complete service: design, supply and delivery, installation and service, issuing the necessary documentation for the operation, service and lease of the power units.

Our knowledge and experience related to generating sets dates back to the 1960s and was acquired in the former companies Elektroobnova, Mashinelektro, Elektron-Zagreb and Končar – medium rotary machines and generators and with the changes in the market, the company EL-STROJ d.o.o. was founded.

EL-STROJ d.o.o. with many ideas, entrepreneurial risk and the pursuit of the goal of winning markets and customers, the power of innovation and continuous quality which meets the specific needs of customers, as well as technical advice for customers, fulfilment of all customer requirements in accordance with the ecologically and technically applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia. We have established and implemented an ISO 9001 quality management system and an environmental management system ISO 14 001.

EL-STROJ d.o.o., with many years of experience and high quality, has secured a position in the market as a reliable partner for all customers and systems such as telecommunication operators, data centres, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings which need reliable solutions related to power plants.

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